Municipal Services

In the transition from community councils, MacDonnell Regional Council inherited assets, facilities and service delivery practices that were of widely variable standards and frequently below legislated or acceptable standards.

Responding to this situation, MacDonnell Regional Council established Service Levels to set and measure targets for core service delivery. Linked to multi-year implementation plans that outline best practice methods and aim to achieve certain standards progressively over the time period, the Service Levels are now administered through a live matrix document and is accompanied by staff management and training actions. The matrix documents apply to Waste Management, Parks and Open Spaces, Cemeteries and Sports Grounds and set the objectives and service levels across each community and records the percentage or completion of a particular task. The document is reviewed at quarterly intervals and provides council with an accurate account of what work has been completed during a period and assists in identifying where service level gaps exist in an individual location.

The MacDonnell Regional Council runs an animal companion management program that allows for a quarterly visit by veterinarians to each of the 13 communities throughout the year. The program has a strong focus on the health and well being of animals in the community and maintaining the number of animals at acceptable levels. It includes treatments for parasites, euthanasia with consent of the owner, de-sexing by consent, contraceptive treatments and educational programs.